Sunday, June 29, 2008

Special Service at Town Square

We are blessed that our county has once again allowed us to hold an evangelistic service in the town square. The square is right in the middle of the Historical center. The highlights of the historical center are the clock, built in 1908, and the Catholic Church, built in 1548. Just a short distance away is the county courthouse and the gazebo where two alleged kidnappers were beaten, lynched, and killed in 1998.
We are blessed because just a few years ago preaching openly downtown would have been prohibited.
Actually two relevant events occurred today. First Baptist Church in Huejutla broadcast our Sunday morning service over the radio. This radio message is the first of it's kind in our region and reaches thousands of people. Many people have been saved and joined the ministry of First Baptist because of the radio program. Second, we held an open air evangelistic service. The weather was bad and we had to interrupt the service for about 20 minutes because of torrential rain. No one left. After the rain I preached about the Sacrificial Blood of Jesus and many moved. We can praise the Lord for the open doors he has places before us. May we continue to have the courage to walk through each door God opens.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work Grady-man. You are in my daily prayers there and I can't wait to get back to the next opportunity to be with you there. Love ya brother,

David Sherman

Delinda said...

I am so sorry I missed this. When did you have this service? I really enjoyed listening to your dad when he preached in the town square, and now you have, too. The tradition lives on! The picture you posted is beautiful...God is really working in the town of Huejutla. I know because He sure worked on me there!

Anonymous said...

Grady, Thanks for sharing with us. How God is moving there in Huejutla.God takes the devils play ground,where those men were beaten and preformed great works. God is awesome. KEEP THE FAINT AND DO THE WORK. My prayers with you always, Bro. Took