Monday, October 26, 2009


There are many things that we take for granted. Some of them are as simple as running water or constant electrical service. In Mexico, especially in the mountains, easy is rare and almost nothing comes easy.

 As our mission work grows the need for places of worship grows as well. Most of the buildings that we have built over the last few years are not completed. We are constantly putting up roofs or installing windows or doors in churches that are in use but not finished. I raise monies for the materials and our brethren provide the labor. Our people are content with what they have, always aware that nothing comes easy.

This day we worked on pouring a floor in the mountain mission of Cochis. The building has been used for worship for some time now even though the floor was only dirt. Being true to form pouring the floor was a difficult task. The church is halfway down a mountain and all the gravel and cement had to be carried down. As I mentioned, inconvenience is expected and accepted. Our brethren know. Years ago the only property the village would let them have for a church was the side of a mountain. So they cut the mountain by hand to have a level place to worship. Carrying 90 lb sacks of concrete and buckets of gravel is simple par for the course.

 The result of our partnered effort both from the BMAA in partnering with offerings and our Aztec brethren with labor is a worthy place to worship. May God be glorified through his people’s faithfulness in his church. His Grace is granted!

Our brethren are elated to worship in a church with no doors, no windows, but a brand new floor!


Kelli said...

I've only been gone a few months, and have forgotten how humbling Mexico can be. The place looks great, and thanks for a much needed reminder! God Bless!

joe owens said...

How did you get the concrete into the building?

Missions Learner said...

Super Job Brother Keep Up the Good Work!

mi94631 said...

Mamaw and I just read all your updates and we are so very proud of you and the family and the work that is so blessed and continues to grow. Our love and prayers!

mi94631 said...

We have read all your updates and enjuoyed all. We are so very proud of you, Eric and the family for your great committment and work. God continues to bless and the work continues to grow! Our love and prayers