Friday, February 26, 2010


Deep in the mountains of the Huasteca Hidalguense lies the village of Santa Teresa. It is a villa ge that is as poor as it is remote. In that remote village not only are there hundreds of lost souls but also a BMA mission. This small mission would be the place for our BMMI medical-evangelistic campaign. Weeks before our arrival the county had granted us permission to come. Two nights before the brethren from the mission and I went to the village leader to get his permission. The county authorization meant nothing without the village leaders acquiescence. We met with about 150 village men at 10:00 PM to discuss the details of our visit. All those men together were a little intimidating but all had gone well.
 We arrived to find that the county had provided us with tables, chairs and a police detail. The village people lined up to get their turn to get a consultation. The medical team begin to check the patients finding a variety of diagnosis, arthritis, bronchitis, chronic pulmonary disease and gastritis. The evangelistic team found only one diagnosis … lost. 

We worked in Santa Teresa for three days and gave more than 700 consults bringing health to the sick, relief to the hurting, and comfort to the distraught. Each of these people heard a gospel presentation, bringing hope to the hopeless. More than 170 received Christ as savior. I thank the Lord for faithful men and women who will sacrifice time and money to save the lost souls of Mexico.

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