Friday, April 10, 2009


We just finished an Evangelistic Campaign to celebrate the anniversary of the organization of First Baptist Church in Huejutla. Our congregation prepared by printing formal invitations to give to friends and family. Bro. Eric Johnson was the evangelist. We held the first couple of services in our church and the last in the Cattleman Association Conference Hall. We did this because our church has been too small for all of our members for some time now. When we have a lot of special guest we have to ask about half of our members to sit outside. The Conference Hall has enough room to seat us all…barely.God blessed all of our efforts with more than 30 saved and as many more re-commitments to a life of Christian service. First Baptist Huejutla is 28 years old and averages 800 in attendance every time we rent a place big enough for everyone to sit. Normal services have less attendance because of the inadequate size of our building. We are actively looking for a place to relocate and build facilities to seat 1500 – 2000 people.Please pray for our church and our ability to continue to impact our community, region and nation.

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