Friday, April 10, 2009


MARCH 2009. We have been privileged to host Dr. Ralph Izzard and his BMMI Team here in Huejutla. They were a tremendous blessing and help to our regional work. We have been seeking the opportunity to begin missions in some of the outlaying county seats for some time. This is part of an overall strategy to reach every village with the gospel starting with county seats. To prepare for BMMI we contacted and convened with the Health Department as well as mayors of two of these counties. They provided the location for the medical caravan, BMMI the medical service, we evangelized and Sis. Denise fed us all. We began the Evangelistic Campaign by holding a Evangelistic service in the Town Center of Huejutla at the base of the historic clock and in front of the ancient Catholic Cathedral. There were hundreds of people in attendance, (close to, or more than one thousand). The following day we traveled into the mountains to provide medical care and The Gospel to the Aztec people who live there.God blessed each of our efforts as we were able to care for more than 850 people, witness to them all and lead more than 350 of them to Christ. We are now working with these new Christians to begin missions in these two towns. We pray that we will be able to reach many and see churches planted In these new places. We believe these new churches will be launching platforms to reach many surrounding villages with the gospel.

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