Monday, April 20, 2009


Last week we had the privilege of hosting our National Association of Churches in Huejutla. The BMA of Mexico has 46 churches and more than 80 missions that attended to look after associational business for the next year. In order to prepare for this meeting FBC Huejutla worked for months. Here in Mexico the hosting Church provides meals for all of the messengers and provides housing for all who can’t afford hotel accommodations. This year we provided for about 800 visitors not including providing meals for our several hundred church workers as well.
On Monday we slaughtered three pigs from our Faith Family Farms project. They dressed out at close to 1000 lbs of pork. It was enough to feed everyone for all three days. I like the cracklins the most! There was a lot of business that was cared for. We accepted two churches to the Association fellowship and withdrew fellowship from one. We also elected an interstate missionary to plant a new church in the city of Aguascalientes.
The nightly services were great! Great preaching, great music and great fellowship creates an environment where God was glorified and our spirits were lifted. It is a blessing to see how through the years God has used BMAA missionaries to organize a sister Association of Churches in a different country. This is an association that grows through organizing new churches and fights for doctrinal correctness even if it means losing fellowship with others. This association also carries out the Great Commission sending missionaries of their own. It is a privilege to work in the ABMM (BMAA of Mexico).

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