Sunday, May 17, 2009


After two weeks without having corporate worship at FBC Huejutla we were able to return to services. To do this we have gone to three services because the health department will not let us put that many people in the same room. Also we have had to establish a screening process to make sure that none of our Church members are symptomatic when they arrive to church. We also sanitize everyone’s hands and sanitize the building between services. Facemask for everyone as well.
This is a blessing because we have needed to go to two services for a long time but church leadership didn’t think two services were logistically possible. Now we have had to have swo services and have seen that it works! There is room for everyone to sit and plenty of room for growth.
Thank The Lord for forcing us into a situation that will continue to grow His church, even if he used a pandemic to do it!!! GLORY!!

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