Friday, May 8, 2009


After working all day to establish a protocol to screen our students returning to school next Monday we have developed a process where we have six lines of kids coming into the school. Every student will be checked for fever and triaged for symptoms, we then will disinfect their hands by spraying alcohol on them and usher them to class where they will make their own mask for the day. (Pharmacies are out of facemask and hand sanitizer). We ordered banners to post outside the school so parents can become familiar with the process. We also drafted a letter stating that we believed the return to school is premature and hold health officials responsible for any outbreaks that originate in our school. WE ARE READY!!
Tonight the governor announces on the official web page that our state of Hidalgo 122 cases of flu, 99 of the cases are A-H1N1 with an increase of 45 new confirmed cases of Type A in the last 24 hours. New cases are alarmingly in the 6- 24 year old age group. State wide there are 23 people in the hospital of which 3 are critical. Two people have died from Type A flu and two others died today of viral pneumonia but not confirmed to be the bad bug yet. We will return to school no sooner than May 18th. Whew!! All that work and no payday. This disease is killing us because if we can’t have classes we can’t get paid. Things are begining to look a little dismal here. PLEASE help us pray for the different aspects of this health crisis.
We will continue to have church services over the radio and being light in a time of insecurity among our unchuched friends.

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