Monday, May 18, 2009


We returned to class at the Martha Johnson School today. The was a sense of happiness among the children as they began to see their classmates and fiends. Classes have been suspended since April 26 because of the swine flu pandemic. The children were also apprehensive as they saw a line of determined teachers with thermometers, facemask and triage questionnaires waiting for them behind a line of tables. These teachers are the first tier of our screening process to make sure that children are asymptomatic and afebrile before they can enter the school population. We also provide all with facemask to wear during class. Any child with the sniffles gets to wait for mom or dad to come take them to the doctor so they can be cleared for class activity. Life behind a facemask is a little weird and will take some getting used to but we trust the Lord that we may do all we can to keep our students well in a world with a new bug, a bug we are just going to learn to live with.

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